Online Hampers Delivery in India

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Refund Policy
Under what circumstances and when refund is possible?

Our website will refund the Customerís Money under following condition Unavailability of the Gift Hamper types chosen by Customer If the desired type of Gift Hamper is not available in our store at that definite time and we are unable to fulfill the order within the time as specified, then we inform our customer about it and refund the total amount paid by customer.

Delivery location is beyond our reach:
When the specified location given by the customer is beyond the coverage area of our website then refund will be done.

If the customer is not satisfied with the delivered product:
We guarantee to return 100% money back if the customer is not satisfied with the delivered Hamper.

We maintain our guarantee upon the following aspects:

(1) The condition of the delivered Hampers should be intact and the receiver has to revert it to the address mentioned in the delivery order.

(2) The Customer has to point out his or her proper reasons of dissatisfaction via e-mail mentioning the Transaction Id along with the name of the sender and recipient. Customerís feedback is given huge priority as it helps us in the betterment of our products and services.

If any customer request to cancel the order
A customer can request us to cancel the order but for that every customer needs to call us in our (number) or they can even send us an email to our (email id)

The refund Percentage varies according to the following reasons.

Amount Refunded



When our Vendor has not been ordered for any Hamper and the credit card of the customer has not been charged.


When our Hamper has not been ordered for any item but the Credit Card has been charged.


When our supplier has already been ordered for Hampers.


When the ordered Hampers leaves our office for delivery.

How we refund the money paid by the customer?

If the situation is similar to any of the above conditions then the refund process starts within 3 days. The customer will get regarding refund related notification via mail by our website. The notification must be kept safe to check it against the monthly credit card bill.